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Need Fogger Timer help....

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I am hoping someone here can shed a little light for me. I have a few of these Forum brand fogger timers I picked up very cheap at a local party goods store. They do not work on the typical 400 watt cheapo common foggers as the timers from Wal Mart do, so I decided to use these for prop timers. I cannot get them completely apart due to the way they constructed the board and switch assembly so I am trying to figure out my wiring by looking at the back of the board.

I am pretty certain the 2 wires on the right are my input power, and the wire on the far left is out to the fogger ? I am not very familiar with these timers. Is the third wire sending power back to the fogger or switching the neutral ? The wire on the far left is definitely going to one side of the relay contacts. The white wire is going to the other ? :confused: