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Need critiquing

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I threw everything together just to see how it's all looking as a whole. It will all be staged and spaced better when for real.

Need some critiquing on what needs adjusting.

Motion on Bob's been improved from the previous videos, he's more violent, and doesn't twist in the wind now, but we need to make sure there's better lighting for Bob. I have some more equipment projects that should help there.

The generator's orange lights are overpowering the blue...gotta swap out the orange clear for the orange ceramic covered suckers.
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I notice my fat a$$ is blocking the view of the control panel.

Note to self, it needs to be set on the OTHER side so you don't have to reach across it to throw the switches...

Here's an older video of the control panel and jacob's ladder to get a better look at it. (with the lost boys playing in the back...lol)

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