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Every year I have to figure out a costume that uses my beard. I am Santa Claus for Christmas
and need to keep it long and bushy.

Past costumes I used masks (I hate masks) and of course my zombie.

But I would like to pick your collective brains (no pun) for new ideas :)

1. Zombie
Facial hair Beard Moustache Gentleman Headgear

2. Odin from Thor

3. Pirate
Fur Headgear Selfie Facial hair Glasses

4 ?????


Typical Ghoul Next Door
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Very nice looking pirate and creepy zombie cowboy! :D

My husband has a full beard and also wears glasses (and hates contacts), so we've adapted several ideas for him:

Mad Scientist (just need crazy hair, lab coat and some science-y props)

Pirate like you've already done


Clown (like Captain Spaulding)

Carnival/Circus stuff: Ringmaster, Strong Man, Bearded Lady, Circus performer, Lion Tamer...




Renaissance knight/peasant/king

Playing card king/jack

Artist (paint spattered clothes, french beret, artist's palette and brush - bonus points for bandaging an ear and locating period clothes and going as Vincent Van Gogh if you want a little gory)

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My boyfriend is on the same boat.. has a pretty long beard but he doesn't want to shave any time soon so I always think of costumes for him.

A lot were mentioned above already but here are a couple I can think of off the top of my head that we've talked about before...
Handsome devil (shape the beard into a point or french fork,etc)
Bearded Beetlejuice (thought it'd be fun to try that with the discolouring around the hair and beard)
Mental institution patient (let all the hairs go wild!)- could also do a shock therapy patient with it going everywhere

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Santa Clause!

I had a friend that went as Santa one year for Halloween. Funny how that tripped folks out more then the legions of the undead hanging out with Santa haha.

English explorer (plinth helmet, monocle, etc.)
Crazy hermit
Cast away
Deranged hillbilly ala 'wrong turn'?
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