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Need Air Brush Help

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I wanted to get my wife a air brush for Mothers Day. Well I have found out there is a gravity feed and then the one that draws the paint from a jar. I think she will be using differ colors a lot. Since project will be small, Tombstones , wig heads. The gravity feed looks like it would be easier to clean. Dose any have experience with them? I mean if you could pick , which one would you get.
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I'm in agreement with everything that been said so far, and that looks like a decent set-up, specially if you only plan on doing Halloween props here and there. The Iwata that Baron Samedi mentioned is the top of the line and extremely expensive. It's best to start with something like you have in mind just to get the feel for movement of your hand and to see if you enjoy using an airbrush, then move up to a quality brush that suits your needs. Although, I might reccomend using a large compressor if possible, those little compressor tend to be somewhat loud(except fot the $$$ units) and that can get annoying after a while. There's always co2 tank which make airbrushing silent except for the pssst sound from the brush

When I started using airbrushes I took a class that lasted two days, it was a blast and I learned a lot of technique. That may actually be a better gift that an airbrush itself.

p.s. I use a Universal Badger air brush - That means it can be gravity fed or flip the cup over and stick a jar on for siphon feed.
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