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Need Advice On Reason For Animated Props Going Nuts This Year HELP!

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We have set up our Halloween Display for this year but several of the animated props both large and small, are not working properly. All animations are triggered per "Try Me" Buttons with wiring run from the various props to the picket fence which runs the length of the front of the display.

For example, two animated vultures are in the rafters above the section of the zombie display. Both initially worked fine, now the one on the left will not trigger at all. Similarly put one of the LED Skeleton Wolves in this year brand new. Works perfectly on motion sensor, and when off triggered flawlessly with all new wiring and Try Me Button on fence. Now, nothing. It will not trigger at all. We have traced the wiring, rewired Try Me Buttons, and well, everything we can think of to do. Ah---a Jumping Table Spider set up very early on never exhibited any problems, Checked it today and it will not trigger.

We are half-crazy with exasperation. We are in rural Adams County Ohio. The humidity levels are through the roof. We are wondering whether this could be the problem. Does anyone have any input?

The display is outdoors, covered overhead and sides. Tarps are lowered across the entire front and tied down. It is nevertheless outdoors.

ANY opinions, insights, or information would be incredibly appreciated. Thanks, Carole AKA LUV2HAUNT:confused:
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Maybe a stupid question but have you checked the batteries?
Do you have an un-altered "Try Me Button" that you can plug into a prop and see if it works? How long is the wire from the fence to the prop and what gauge wire are you running? Will the prop trigger with the un-altered "Try Me Button"? Without knowing anything else, I'm leaning towards the resistance of the wire being too high for the voltage being run through it. Simply, every wire has resistance. If the voltage isn't high enough to overcome this resistance, you're prop will not run. Based on the guage of wire you use and the metal type, a calculation can be made to determine the greatest length of wire that can be used. This would not take into account for degrading batteries. Let us know some more info and we'll try to give you some ideas.
Are your wires soldered and sealed with heat shrink? I use zip cord for my extensions to eliminate the resistance factor.
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