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Need advice on making some stuffed bodies

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The scene I'm working on is in a haunted hospital. I envision dead bodies in plastic bags (like the industrial clear/frosted garbage bags you see in businesses), hanging from meat hooks on the wall, with a puddle of dripping blood underneath each one. There are 8 of them.

Bags and blood and meat hooks are easy. I need something inside the bag that will look like a naked dead human body, tho. Cheaply, since I need 8 - and it doesn't have to be too detailed, since it will only be seen through the plastic bag (and the room will be dark except for red lights). Finding 8 flesh-colored outfits from Goodwill isn't going to happen. I was thinking maybe tan pantyhose with cotton batting inside for filling, but I'm not sure how to sew it all together so it will hold well. Or how to detail the face - would marker be enough, with some fake hair?

Has anyone done this before? I'm on the verge of just doing trial and error, but I'd thought I'd check before I go wasting my very limited funds!

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