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Need advice for making an old map or other old pictures

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Hello all, I have been away for the summer working outside mostly but have been tinkering with my props so now I need advice. I have tried the coffee,tea thing for aging paper but now I want to go BIGGER. I have a wonderful frame I found at an antique mall and stained it a black walnut. It has a 20 x 16 opening. I have others that are smaller as well. I want to user the big one for a MAP I found of Transylvania. Once its printed and aged I will mount it to a board . So here are the questions.

1. Has anyone ever used a outside source ( UPS store, Kinkos) to print larger items ?
2. if so what 'instructions' should I give them to be sure it prints dark enough to be aged?
3. Which "aging process" have you all used that works best ?
4. Is the "distressing Ink" I have seen worth the money ?
5. Should i use a special type of paper and if so can I take it with me or do they have different options ?

I am sure there is more but I know you all will be a huge help. Thanks in advance for your help.
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