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Every year my kids choose a different theme and do a garage haunt and scare and play with the trick or treaters. This year my son wants to do camp crystal lake and he wants to be Jason. I'm wanting to do simple tents out of sheets but need help because I'm overthinking it.
1. Will the sheet be too flimsy and not hold up if I use Tree stakes and a string and just Drape it over.
2. Will the sheet tear If I use tent stakes to stake into group?
3. If I use landscaping rocks to hold in place in worried about the kids tripping over them as they run around.

Any advice???

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It's going to take a whole lot of strength to tear a fabric sheet unless it's tissue thin.

I would not let and kids walk/run around the area - fence it off with a rope fence (get some basic thick twine and tall posts/stakes and use them to form a basic barrier so the tent setup area is for viewing, not walking through). Could even use some of the fake crime scene tape (I've seen it in the dollar stores in the past either marked "caution" or "do not enter" like this one at Target). And have a few camper bodies half hidden in one of the tents.

If you're going to use tree stakes (I assume they'll be the top of the tent's peak?) with string tied off between them, you'll want to slightly angle the two stakes away from each other as you drive them into the ground like:

\ . . /

and then tie the string (or fishing line) pretty tight and hope you don't have windy weather. If you want a more sturdy structure, get some 1x2s and make a criss/cross X shape but with the top of the X being smaller. The either wrap over/under with twine or drill through and secure with a nut and bolt. Use a thick dowel rod or PVC as the crossbeam, and for even more stability, staple the sheet/plastic to the frame and use a crossbar at the bottoms as well and try to weight the feet down (either dig a little divot/hole to "plant" each footer or use some wire/stakes pounded into the ground and then use twine/rope to tie off to the footers)

I found a image of the type of build I mean, but this person went super fancy with the dowels run through the A frame and pretty fabrics. You could totally do this easier and rougher for less money and work.

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