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Need a good home for my old haunt walls

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I am in the process of building new walls for my haunt which means the old walls must go.

The walls are made with 1 inch think white foam and are 4' by 8' sheets painted black. They have been sprayed with glow in the dark spray and still have some webbing from my web glue gun left on them.

Please email me for questions or if you are interested in them.

Thank you.
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Nothing. Just for someone to give them a good home.
My old haunt walls may have found a new home. Yippie.
Well I thought my old walls found a good home but the person that was supposed to come get them has been a no show lately.

I added a post to freecycle and I SOOOOO hope another haunter is able to use these. I really don't want them to go to someone who won't appreciate them as a haunter would.
Well done Dionicia, hope they DO find someone that will love them as a haunter would...only wished North Dakota wasnt so far away, I'd adopt them!
Man! I should have listed on Freecycle months ago.

I had 4 requests in one day and they have now found a good home. :)
Awesome. I would have loved to have them if I was close enough. Glad it finally worked out.
I didn't realize there was so much of it. I split it into two piles and gave them to two different people. Both should have enough for their displays based on what they told me what they were doing. One was a graveyard the other was just a back display for their garage.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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