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Need a certain type of costume HELP

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two years ago i had the perfect costume, unfortunately this year it had turned into a disaster because i diddnt realize it wouldnt fit, so halloween nigt, i diddnt have the best costume ( lets just put it that way). So now, i need some thing that is scary, intimidating, represents power, and doesnt cover up my face with a mask make up is ok but id prefer eyeliner or something like that. i am 6'2" and a male so maybe someone has good ideas price is no object for this so please help!!!!!
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ok, well, i wore black pants, and on top there was a tight long sleeve shirt( black) but there was this long skirt like thing that had red on it. i also wore a cape and i spiked my hair. and put on black eye liner. i hope that helps. i kinda looked like a vampire!
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