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I promised I'd get pics, because I'm an inherent show-off, so here we go. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of myself in full costume so there will be a lot of detail shots instead. I even put the gunky eye makeup back on to show off my mask, just for you people.

So, I'm a necromancer. Fits the theme, with all the dead and undead stuff we have in our setup. I can control the dead, bring them back to life, put them to work for my own nefarious purposes, and so on. Somewhat inspired by Chlorr of the Mask, from Garth Nix's Abhorsen series of books.

Blurry pic, but the closest I got to an overall. What can I say, I like the red spotlight. Here's a couple from last year.

Here's that mask - looks a lot better worn with the hood than it does in the pic I shared earlier when I first finished it, just laying there on the table.

My new armor pieces, with my claws and bell. I made all the armor. Claws are from Medieval Fashion on Etsy, though the people at Stronghold Leather claim the design as their own. My big, loud, lovely hand bell was also purchased on Etsy.

Pauldron, paper mache, again with some faux leather armor panels. Thinking about painting the pauldron (round shoulder piece) to match the mask.

More gratuitous pics of my claws. Love 'em.

And look, I still have full use of my fingers. Though they did get a bit in the way digging into the candy cauldron.
That bell? Let's just say that sound activated props are no issue around here.

My hood. It's a short, archer's type and is slightly asymmetrical to show the shoulder/pauldron on one side. Made from this pattern. The collar detail shows the pieces I added to make it stand up in front, cover the neck, and create a little bit of draping on either side of the hood.

And my corset/skirt hybrid thing. Such a PITA to make - single layer coutil with flat spring steel bones. Based on this pattern, but heavily and extensively modified. Includes a full modesty panel down the back, so there's nothing showing, again with the vertical rows of stitching to stabilize and firm up the material as well as add detail. And it has tails, kind of tuxedo or Penguin style. It has two small metal loops stitched on to tie my dagger frog onto.

I also have a floor-length sheer chiffon skirt, all hand-rolled and sewn, but I chose not to wear it this year.

Under all this crap, I wore some stuff I didn't make. Black long sleeve shirt, leggings, and over the knee boots.

Next year: a bandolier full of bells. Maybe. The perfect lot got away from me on eBay this year...
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