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National Halloween Haunters Convention

I went and had a booth. We did really well and all the vendors were wicked nice! I enjoyed it but it was my first one so I am by no means an authority. My booth was way different from the props and stuff.
We do one of a kind handmade artisan Halloween collectibles (not friggin crafts..trust me) by some of thee very best Halloween artists in the country.

Here is a link to pics I took. The 1st page and part of the 2nd page are of my booth but you can go towards the end of the 2nd page and start the 3rd page and see other booths and props that were just awesome.

I had to break the link to ad it to be able to post this reply as I am a newbie. So just add the w w w. to use the link.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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