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You can see some videos of last years event here:
Halloween Video | Haunted House Videos | Haunt Commercials | Flash Movies

HOWEVER!!! that was *LAST* years event, in a hotel.

*THIS* years event is 5 ( YES FIVE!! ) times larger, in the Valley Forge Convention Center with 2 hotels to house us. The Radisson and the Scantion.

Last year we had about 20 vendor tables - this year we have 140 vendor booths!!!!!
(with several animatronic vendors.)
National Halloween Convention | Horror Antiques Authors Monster Collectors

*THIS* year, we're also having a slew of free events to keep people entertained
Haunters Lair | Events, Games, Contests, Photography, Art Work, Posters

We've re-vamped and themed our seminars, and quadrupled the size of the rooms
Halloween University | Haunted House School, Seminars, Classes, Education

We've changed the tour to FRIDAY NIGHT, so that
1.) we can enjoy a haunt tour in the dark
2.) more people can make it since they don't need to use vacation time from work.
Haunt Tour | Haunted House Tours | Halloween Trips & Events

We're bringing in a mini-event-attraction: Prof. Ouch's Odditorium!
Prof Ouchs Odditorium | Side Show | Carnival Road Attraction | Freak Circus

We're bringing in several DARK MAGIC magicians to entertain you throughout the day with *FREE* stage shows!
Magicians, Side Show, Halloween Stage, Entertainment, Gothic Illusionist

and of course, our incredible Cadaver's Cotillion - the National Haunters Convention very own costume ball - everyone who went last year can testify how incredible it was, this year we're going with a pirate theme
Cadavers Cotillion | Haunted House Costume Ball | Halloween Masquerade | Haunts Party

And (this is what I think is super cool) - we're going to have our very own "Halloween antiques road show" with *FREE* appraisals - bring your grandmother's old paper jack o'lantern and find out that it's worth $500! (yes, those prices are that high)
National Halloween Convention | Horror Antiques Authors Monster Collectors

And we're going to be your one stop shop for all things monster collectable:
National Halloween Convention | Horror Antiques Authors Monster Collectors

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Michael Bruner
National Haunters Convention
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