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Narrowly Averting Disaster

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After having a bad case of the funk (and not the pleasant kind) last year and not doing ANYthing, I knew this year I needed to bring back the Halloween spirit. So out came the stained glass windows, out came the new gravestones (to replace the ones that blew away in 2013), out came the new cemetery fencing...and down came the rain for days and days and days.

Despite being under the overhang of my porch, two of my stained glass windows got waterlogged and the adhesive failed, sending them crashing to the ground. One broke in half on descent. Best part about carting these massive props back into the garage in the rain? No one can see you crying.
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But I refused to be deterred!! I'd already missed last year I wasn't about to make this a habit. So I started scrambling to put together a Plan B. Cemetery was still in decent shape, it could stay (moved it slightly uphill so as not to be in the swamp). Carted out the army of pose-and-stays that I keep meaning to corpse but haven't gotten around to yet. Ran into town to buy enough fake spider webs to choke a zombie horse and found some neat "short circuit" light bulbs that randomly flickered and put those in the porch lights. It wasn't the best display...but it was something. And a lot of ToTs (well, a lot for my rural little neck of the woods) were suitably impressed, so I'm calling it a win.
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Now to start rebuilding for next year.
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oh no! I hope the windows are repairable as they are really really nifty!

But your "plan b" setup is still pretty awesome - just remember, most people don't do ANYTHING, so what you did rocks! :D
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