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Name my haunt

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I love all the names everyone has for their haunts. Last year was my first year and I had no name. This year I am going bigger and want to come up with something catchy. I do a large graveyard with some small sets on the side. Name of the street is MacArthur Drive. Would like to use that in the name. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hi Tumblindice, I'm not very good at this and I'm sure others will come along with far more creative haunt names, but I'll offer what I can:) Ok, wasn't sure if you wanted to include Drive or not so I'll go with the assumption that you did, if not try them by leaving Dr out.

MacArthur Dr Mortuary

MacArthur Dr Palace of Pain

MacArthur Dr Asylum

MacArthur Dr Shrine of Horror

MacArthur Dr Morbid Vault

But like I said, just wait, we have many delightful spirits who Kick butt in regards to haunt names. Also, maybe tell us a bit more about your haunt such as if it has a theme, what is it? What kind of ambiance are you wanting to create? that sort of info, it would really help to stir up the creative juices in the mind:)

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My suggestions wound be:

MacArthur MacHorrifying MacHaunt.
MacFrightening MacArthur MacScare-Zone.
MacBloody MacHorror MacSpot.
MacArthur Drive You MacCrazy.
MacHaunt on MacArthur.
MacHalloween MacDeath MacSpot.
MacDeath MacFright on MacArthur.
Macauley Culkin.
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