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Name my Garage

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I need help, fellow haunters. I plan on making a 3'x4'ish sign, darkened wood, chains, maybe some moss...to hang in my garage that will be the name of my workshop of scary things. "Don's Garage" is rather bland. I hope that anyone passing by will see it and maybe I'll catch the interest of a local haunter (I feel so alone in my neighborhood). The only people that know I work on Halloween stuff is my right-across-the-street neighbors that can see directly inside my workshop from their house, and always see me whipping up something.

I'm trying to avoid things like "evil" or "satan" type names.

What should I call it?!
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Thanks everyone for the great ideas.

I think I'll go with...

"Don's Ghoulish Ghastly Horror Chop Shop of Frightening Wonka Wierdness Designs of Demonic Devil Dungeon Shack Workshop"

What do you think, too subtle? :rolleyes:

Actually, I like the straighforward "Halloween Workshop" idea with Halloween being on a reversible board - other side having the word Christmas.
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