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n00b from south NJ

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Well Halloween is my xmas... I typically hit up sales and buy what I can to stockpile; however, this year was different. I wasn't "feeling" it so didn't do much at all... no pics either..

I have some things I want to do and some ideas I have already found here... LOVE IT!!!
the skull tiki's are awesome so now on my to do list.

a chair I have wanted to do for a long time - cant give too much info yet.

I also have some ideas kicking around and will see if I can get to them.

ive got 2 kids - 1 now driving so not around as much and an 11yr old. They both are buys as they are black belts, my youngest also does travel soccer and I asst. coach him plus I'm in college (not sure why I'm doing this) plus work fulltime on a hike of a commute.

ill be lurking around for a while!!!
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