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A mixture of some heavy metal rock, a few select movie clips and some soundtrack movie music.

1. These are the eyes

The short speech given by Dr. Loomis in the Halloween remake from 2007

2. The Shape Stalks Laurie

More music from the Halloween remake... when Michael starts going after Laurie towards the end of the movie. Very dark, bold and creepy music.

3. Enter Sandman

A little Metallica for ya!!!!

4. The Scream

10 seconds of crazy screaming from when Laurie shoots Michael at the very end of Halloween 2007

5. Electric Head by Rob Zombie

A very wild and "unbalanced" song IMO. Plus I like the "electric head" reference since I'm introducing the new electric chair prop.

6. Was that the Boogieman?

Another short clip from Halloween 2007

7. Halloween 2007

The classic Halloween theme music but with the very cool modern twist put on it by Taylor Bates.

8. Nurse Killa

A very violent bit of the Halloween 2 soundtrack. Very creepy.

9. House of 1000 Corpses

Sounds like the music that would be blasted through the speakers of a Haunted House at a state fair. Or something that would be the background music for something like a Friday Night Horrorfest on cable TV.

10. The Scream

Same as track 4.

I think this music selection will be an interesting change from the normal "scary sounds" CDs I've used in the past. I also think it will add a new level of entertainment to the entire Yard Haunt. I'm excited to see how well it all fits when everything is in place..... I guess if I end up not liking it I can always go back to the old standby. But I think it will be a good.
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