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Here is my Bloody Mary's Cemetery Haunt sign. It turned out to be be very long. But I loved working on it. I had a bifold glass closet door that we weren't using. So I smashed that up to give the broken glass effect. Like she is trying to get out. It will be placed quite high in front of my porch and have a spotlight on it.

Here are so day time photos and night time. Let me know what you think?

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Red Text Font Signage Neon

Red Font Automotive lighting Geological phenomenon Art

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I would cover this with plexiglass just to make sure the pieces of broken glass don't jiggle loose or fall out on top of someone.
Of course you might want to cover both sides, if glass could fall and land upon people.
You might think it would never come apart but people can be very unpredictable and if some idiot pops it with a fist?
Or if is part of a door frame and the door gets slammed?
The sign looks incredible!! Quite the effect! I really love it! Broken glass can never look better than this does right now!
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