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OK, I'm getting quite a collection of these electric candelabras and the single candle ones. Last year the idea came to me of painting one black with red/blood wax drippings. Evidently I wasn't the only one as I saw something similar in a store around Halloween last year.


started with this


added flat black spray paint


added detail

The brush I was using for detail wasn't fine enough and I didn't have time to search for another brush, so the detail is incomplete for the moment. I want to add something to the base, but haven't decided on that either.


As an experiment I did splice in an FS2 fluorescent starter to attain a flickering flame-like effect. Please note that I have not yet soldered in the starter and I DO NOT RECOMMEND leaving the wiring exposed. This is for illustration only. I am planning to swap out the old power cord and replace it with a newer black cord, and although I do like the flickering effect, I'm not 100% sure I will leave it built in to this candelabra or if I will incorporate it into a power supply.
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