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In a minute I'm flying down to Wal Mart for some gray paint and then over to the Dollar Tree for some more creepy cloth, and when I get back, I'll be able to put the final touches on my first walk-through crypt, which, along with the cornfield we made is a major addition to Rose's Haunted Graveyard. The Crypt dominates the driveway and leads trick or treaters (and other assorted victims) into the cornfield and the demented scarecrow reigning over it. Inside the crypt are spider-web lined walls, hanging threads, spiders and creepy cloth, a mad scientist and the pace de resistance, a Spirit Halloween patented jumping spider. As anyone who has done anything like this knows, it's a prodigious project. But the screams and laughter will be well worth the effort! I'll post pictures and videos as soon as I have them available.
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