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my version of nbc countdown clock

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well as it say's here is my version, miss cut a hole in one of my columns left me with a how do I fix it
and I thought about this, a few bits of scrap wood a trip to Lowes, one to the new hobby lobby, and Michel's stealing the lights
from one of my rooms here it is.


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I like it.
Awesome.. I wish I had thought of it.. No time to build it for this years display. I have too much to do already.
Looks fantastic!
HOW did I miss this? I love it!!! What a perfect place for it!
Can you tell us more about it?! The scale is great.

Oh don't tell me the countdown numbers change. I will be so jealous. :)
well it is made from a real clock for big lots one of the bigger ones 1 ft 8 in hand painted the glass by taping it of and cutting out the spider web
the hand are cut out of tin and put on the clock moter but they get hung up so I have to redo them the box is separate and yes the # do change but
by hand they are done on plexy and slide into a slot everyday from oct 1 I changed them and on the 31 it say's boo
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Using a real clock was such a good idea!!!!
I wish I had thought about using plexy glass and having slots. I don't think I can change it now, without rebuilding my box.
BOO?!?! That is hilarious! I love that!!

Thanks for sharing! :D
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