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Film strip picture frame

My version of a film strip picture frame… I saw this somewhere on the internet and will go great with this year haunt house….i am not the original designer of this only saw a picture and decided to do one for me… so here goes…

Everything I used I found at work, so here’s what I used…
¾ plywood
¼ paneling
1 can of rustoleum 2x matte black from walmart
Mod podge
Black acrylic paint from hobby lobby
White acrylic paint from hobby lobby

I cut the plywood to 35” wide x 10” height
I then cutted the ¼ paneling into 1” strips and cutted each one into 1 7/8” long
I cutted 3 pcs … 6 ¾” height x 10” wide and glued each on to the plywood
Now I spaced the ends 1” on each side to glue the picture boards to the plywood and 1 ½” in the middle of each one..
From the top and bottom of the picture section, I spaced it only a ¼” inch
Like I said I glued it all and then decided to pin nail it to the plywood, covered any nail hole with putty and then painted it all black….
I was going to sand it on top of the paneling but I never could find my sander so I decided to use my wifey acrylic paints to paint the small paneling squares…
It took me longer to find the pictures that I wanted use, edited it on photoshop, and took me forever to get my printers to work to get the copies made….
One I did get them to work, I mod podge each one to the picture boards and mod podge on top of each picture once I glued it all….
Here’s the finished product… hopefully I did this tutorial rite jajaja…. saludos y hasta luego

His name is Roger Clyne
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The pics aren't working.

You can post a pic from either a hosting site like Google, Amazon, Dropshots, etc. by clicking on that little icon that has the tiny palm tree in it, then choose either URL or you can save the pic on your computer & post it from there.
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