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My Styrofoam Fieldstone Fireplace WIP

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So I have decided to transform my small dining room this year into a Witches Kitchen.

Here is a pic of my dining room now:
Room Property Furniture Table House

Of course a proper witch kitchen needs a big field stone fireplace for hanging cauldrons in. And because I'm insane and overly ambitious I decided to build one under the bar top that separates the kitchen from the dining room :D.

This will be my first foam project, (not even a tombstone to my name :( ) so bear with me and please offer any help/advice you may have.

I got 2 pallets of 4'x4'x6" high density Styrofoam off craigslist:
Automotive exterior Vehicle Plastic

I got a few measurements and got started.

I started by sketching out the fieldstones:
Floor Tile Drawing

And started carving:


The black stone was just my five year old "helping" lol ;)
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I cut diamond shaped wedges from cedar shims and used them along with double sided foam tape to join pieces of foam together:
Circle Plant

Tree Wood Plant Shadow Rock

Grass Plant

I then added Great Stuff in the cracks and inside corners to fill in and help hold it together

(I always spray water on GS while it is curing to speed it up, hence the spray bottle)

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More carving:
Leaf Grass Table Plant Rock

I am continuing the "stones" across seams and around corners to make it as seamless as possible, I might go back in with some air dry clay later to fill in small cracks before painting.
Pond Plant community Tree Plant Table


Wall Soil Stone carving Rock

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Don't forget that field stone is not necessarily all flat on the surface. So, sculpt the faces more. Make some more recessed. Especially at the corners, those need to be much more rounded out.
Thanks for the advice. I am trying to get as much texture as I can into the stones, trying to take advantage of the 6" depth I have. I will try to rough up the tops of the stones a bit more and hopefully I can add some depth with paint.

Also my theory is that the stone mason would choose the flattest side to go to the front of the wall :p lol
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