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My Spooky Sam grave escape

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At the Aug IN/Ky MNT we made the Shaitsu part of the prop and yesterday I made the box. I wish I had made the top a couple inches wider so I could have moved it up farther but it is what it is. I have less then $30 in the entire project. Hope you all like it.

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Sorry, no video but feel free to copy. I wish I could say it was my idea though.
Michaels Grave Grabber

Awesome prop! I'm doing the same idea, but with a Grave Grabber I bought at Michaels... He has led eyes...
Thanks. Make sure you post up pics of yours Buckles

Wow Jayb, one of the best? I take that as a great compliment. Thank you
Hey Rob, looks great bro! I'm jealous, I still haven't found a shiatsu. Now you just need to bury that white shirt in your yard for a couple of weeks......... I just may have to drop by and see it in action.
Thanks Bill. You know you are more then welcome to come by anytime. I wont be home Saturday but just give me a call any other time. I wish you was riding up with us.
This is a cool shiatsu! I'm almost done with mine, just need to build the box. Could you tell me the dimensions of yours?
The box is 16" at the top and 22 1/4" at the bottom. If I had it to do over again I would make the top 18" so I could move it up so the head would be closer to where it should be. I had to make it 3 boards deep instead of 2 like the toe pincher so the Shaitsu would fit. Its 32" tall but if you make the top wider you will not have to make it so tall. If I can help with anything else just let me know.
thanx for the info. that's gonna be my project for the weekend.
This is a cool prop.... And there's one more item added in my Internet Favorites/Halloween/To-Do...;)

PS I would LOVE to see it in action.... Pleeeeaaaase!
Lmao! That massager you used for the motor. I have the exact same thing!
So does that mean you are going to build one? There is alot of different props you can use it to build. Just search for shiatsu not homedics. Good luck.
I think I will do something similar just ordered the skelton arms and head I have a 6 revolution motor. i hope to make the arms move and have his head poke in out. the casket looks like it has a rough texture is it from palets stained?
That sounds cool. The box is made from dog ear pickets that I got out of someones trash last year. They have just been sitting in the back yard.
Wow! Just what I'm wanting to make. I think I'm going to have to join your group, I'm about two hours south of Louisville, but I think it would be worth the trip to learn from you. I friend found me a massager at a yard sale this morning. I'm stoked but very tech challenged.
Its a really an easy prop to make. It just takes time to get your straps where you want them for your desired movement. Just look at the gathering secton to see when we are getting together. It probably wont be until after the first of the year. Sometimes we meet in Indianapolis, sometimes here and sometimes in Bardstown.
Looks fantastic! Nice prop!
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