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I have this idea for some long exposure photographs involving a ghost in various areas on the farm. Mainly I want the effect of the windblown clothing. Like standing in the cornfield..in the middle of the woods etc. So I whipped this up today. Very little breeze tonight.Plus I need a better light for the pumpkin ( I have it , just need a battery)
Basic PVC frame ( arms need to be a little longer.Stole them from a witch prop that will not get set up this year ) I really need to order some joints from spiderhill, as I want to be able to adjust her position but the pieces fall apart to easily. Wig head. Torn up sheets.I have some tulle I think I will add as it will blow easily but not be heavy.The bottom skirt is not as white as the rest of her cloak too. The hands are groundbreaker hands I bought at KMart over the past few years.I painted them white and dipped them in something here at the barn called stall powder to take off the shine For her under body I used some hardware cloth for the torso and plastic bird netting for the skirt area. Since she will get toted around the farm, she will probably never be' finished'

Outerwear Ghost Costume Space Performance
Statue Outerwear Ghost Sculpture Monument
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