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Well its a work in progress.
not sure how to proceed with the arms i made of branches.
i figure I'll shred the burlap a bit.
I want to add corn stalks to the base when they are available.
maybe a bit more of those thin branch like stuff in front I got from michaels.

I tried the plastic dropcloth and heatgun method of corpsing.
I did it over a plastic skeleton ribcage.
didnt have very pronounced ribs. so i got the idea to put a small light behind it.
I am not usually a big fan of things lighting up. I may try to tone down the brightness.the pic is straight on the hotspot of the llight. but i like that you can see the ribs now.

will add uplighting on the cornstalks when the time comes.

any feedback, ideas for improvement are very welcome Carving Art
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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