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My petition for change

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OK, I think I am going to start a petition to change Halloween from October 31 to maybe sometime is summer. I am soooo sick and tired of getting it all set up then have a huge storm coming in. Tomorrow is set for massive rains and high and potential damaging winds. Gotta take it all down and hopefully get it back up for Thursday. Not to mention, wind certainly is not a friend to my fog machines

OK, Rant over...... LOL
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Petition denied, next item on the agenda...
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If Halloween was in summer, I wouldn't decorate at all.

Here in the North Carolina piedmont area, it's generally 92 degrees with 90% humidity.

Groundhog Day would be my new decorating holiday.

With this guy:

http://vidmg.photobucket.com/albums/v630/DaveNTracy/GroundHog Prop/005_zpsyemdbevt.mp4
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Or - now here's a crazy thought - you could change your haunt design to something that's not dependent on calm wind and dry conditions, since that's not your average October weather. Why frustrate yourself?
Yep, and it's still windy....
If you leave it up all year round you're bound to have nice weather at some point. With Hamilton just down the road do you need fog machines?
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