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My annual Halloween party is tomorrow night. We have kids and adults. It's mostly geared towards kids but it's important to me that the adults have fun as well. It's a very casual get together. I just wanted to get everyone's input on my menu, games, and anything else. Suggestions are very welcome.


chilli beans with various things like Fritos, cheese, onions to add as they like
warm sausage, rotel, cream cheese dip with chips
toasted ham and Swiss sliders
3 different pots of fondue dip : chocolate, caramel, snickers
To dip in fondue: Apple slices, pineapple, bananas,marshmallows, pretzels, zombie cookies, rice Krispy treats
Orange punch served in my fountain, warm spiced apple cider, and I also have keurig coffee and hot cocoa

Various people wanted to bring things also. I know others are bringing:
Spinach dip and crackers
Chicken spread with crackers and croissants
Pumpkin cupcakes
There are a few more people that are bringing things but I'm not sure what yet

Kids are all bringing pumpkins to carve and I have all the carving supplies. We will give out trophies.
I have a skeleton scavenger hunt set up where each team will need to find all the parts of their particular skeleton ( they are all different colors) and put it together. First team to finish wins.
Pin the nose on the witch
Candy corn toss where they work with a partner and one holds a cup, one tosses the corn. Whoever gets the most in the cup wins.
Pumpkin rolling..whoever rolls the pumpkin the longest distance wins
Eyeball in spoon race

We will have a fire going outside and our 20' screen set up outside playing Halloween movies that are appropriate for everyone.

The whole time we (adults) will be mentioning on and off how this crazy guy broke out of an institution not far away. Then later we will get a "call" from our neighbor that their son was hunting in the woods back behind our house and saw someone hanging out on our property. Of course we will have to go see what's going on. So we will allow some of the older kids to go with us. We are going to have a campsite set up with tent and various things. We will then get a little uneasy and say we need to get out of there. On the way back my brother in law will be hiding and jump out or something along those lines. We are going to make sure all the parents k ow there will be a as are so if they think their kids can't handle it, they just won't let them go.

Any ideas for the scare to make it better? We have what looks like a body tied up I a garbage bag. We may notice that on the way back before the scare.
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