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I was not sure if I could post this here, but since it's about Halloween music, I did. Hope it's ok.


A total unknown to most of you, is that Jon Hyer's original company Outrageous Media created THE HAUNTING MUSIC COLLECTION. Back when CDs were "King", we were known for the music, plus a couple of Ghost Videos and Virtual Santa. The music dropped by the wayside as I personally was inventing various 3D projection methods [some of which have been kept top secret even to this day], but when I learned that my darn MAC would convert the masters to MP3 in a few minutes, and I could load up the album's file online in 1/300th of the time it took to load up a single HD EFFECT, I said, "Hell YEAH".

http://jonhyers.wix.com/halloweenmusic [which prior to October 1st, 2015] is still going up with additions, is available to let you sample and purchases full albums worth of MP3 files for $4.00. The works of 10 Halloween Musicians all from Minneapolis and St. Paul are here, including TWO I made for the soundtrack of my latest feature film, HARRY MURDOCH AND THE CURSE OF THE GRIM REAPER. In the absence of a webmaster, I have taught myself eccomerce, digital downloads, and it works, all the way to check-out. Sure you might say, "well I can do that!". Myself was shooting feature films ON FILM in the 1970', so it's lucky my near 70 year old Brain is able to use a computer, let alone learn how to make websites.

In addition, we had another artists making sound effects loops, for ambience. These were sold as singles way way back. As I find more of the masters, I am getting loaded up LONG clips [40 mins plus] of these background mood enhancers, these will appear on another page named Sound FX.

Should you feel the need to at least entertain yourself with the youtube demos, there is a WIDE----EXTREMELY WIDE range of tunes there. If it proves popular, myself and 3 other local artists will make more. I'm actually set up with a 3 syth midi studio, and a Sound Font Creator that…WOW!!!! I could spend 10 lifetimes and never create all the sounds you can make. What fun!!! Enjoy if this interests you. JON HYERS
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