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My neighbor clapped for my display!!

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OMG! I have NEVER had this happen before. This was my first time. I was hanging up a black widow spider near my front window and I heard clapping!!

A neighbor was crossing the street at the light and she was clapping for my display!! She said she loved it.

I was so surprised and thrilled that I just burbled, "We LOVE Halloween around here." As if it weren't obvious!

So so nice, I'm so glad someone likes my display!
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aahh, doesn't that make your heart swell a little?!?! How sweet of her to let you know too!

Isn't it great when people acknowledge your hard work. I got so many compliments last year over the very few things I did. It fed my desire to do bigger and better. I'm gonna be just a tad bigger this year but plan to make it bigger every year. The compliments are more than enough to keep me going.
aaw, how lovely :) Most I've had was the postman scaring the life out of me this morning while I was carving tombstones because he thought it was funny.

It's nice for people to appreciate your work :D
It IS great because I've been doing this for years but we get so few ToTers that I'd never have had any idea that anyone really liked the display.

When my children and I ToT, I always compliment people at the door if they decorated. I love getting people in the spirit!

Yay! Awesome good fun.
Awwe, that is so great Melanie!! :)

That one kind gesture I bet absolutely made your week...what a great neighbour!! :)
really great to get those kinds of sentiments. One time my neighbors asked me if my wife was ok (was putting the finishing touches on a toe-pincher at the time...and it was April)...but it's always good to know that people take notice. I love getting the "oh that [insert prop here] really got me, nice work" from ppl that come ToTing...

Wow that's cool. I think my neighbors like my yard haunt but they also think I'm nuts!
That is so great! Congratulations!!
It's a great feeling, isn't it? :D

I've already had neighborhood kids ask if it was time for us to start yet. :)
That makes it all worth while. We lived too far out to get any tots, but I still decorated knowing the kids who did pass by enjoyed the decorations. We've moved now, so I only hope to have appreciative neighbors like yours. Congrats!
Cool! Congrats on the compliments. I only hope I can do the same this year at my place. First time really decorating since I moved out of my parent's place for college. And even at that it was just some lights and DJ gear. This year is totally different for me. I'm so hooked already too.
Congratulations Melanie!!! Such a great feeling isnt it? Keep up the great work! And don't be disappointed in the number of TOT's you get. I guarantee if you keep it up and make it even bigger and better each year, word will spread and your numbers will increase. Again, congrats! :)
So, when do we get to see this masterpiece? I can't wait!
That's so great! I love that when that happens!!!! Just one comment like that makes it all worth the time, effort and cash we put into our displays!! Way to go!!
Thanks, guys!!!

Re, pics: I can't seem to upload them into my album. I'll put just a couple in the body of this e-mail if I get the code right...hope that's ok...Here is some of my stuff...

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You sure she wasn't testing for a Clapper? Clap-on! Clap-off!

That's a great feeling. My special cozy is hearing the sound of an approaching car, the brakes being put on, and the car slowing down to roll past my display. The icing is hearing the oohs and aahs from the people inside the car.
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