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Do you think Halloween eve is the same everywhere ?

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Hi there,
I'm Nick and i'm living in France where i just start a business of sharing, selling halloween items...and only halloween.
So i apologize in advance for some mistake that can occur in writing in english (nobody is perfect right ?). I used to live in California for a while so it can help me anyway.
My brother and I decided this year (big annoucement) to first open an online shop for Halloween www.halloween-deguisement.com to promote halloween decoration, accessories and costumes. So far we love that !
Be kind and indulgent the website is just up and running recently. We're still implementing items in the database.
In the same time we're buying used items for the memory of halloween celebration over the world. And the purpose is to exchange with some others items or keep for personal usage.
We're excited to share international experience on the forum.

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Congrats on the site! A lot of the non-usa forum members say it's very hard to find halloween items in their countries, you're breaking into a new niche market, awesome!
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