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My Most Detailed Prop Build for 2013 WIP

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My Most Detailed Prop Build for 2013 COMPLETED

One of my goals for this year was coming up with a method to make my figures so that I could vary the poses from the standard straight style. Most of my stand up props are made with 2x4 legs and pvc upper bodies which work fine but it didn't offer much variety.
Since I bought a welder last year and am trying to learn to weld, I decided to give a steel body a try. It would allow me to design props in a wider variety of poses and be plenty rigid and strong so that they could handle pneumatic cylinders for upper body motions.
I was inspired for my first try at this by a small concept drawing I found for a character for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. He was never used and I thought it would be really cool to try and bring him to life.

Drawing Cartoon Sketch Illustration Fictional character

I started out with a pvc frame and used the joints and fittings from Spider Hill Prop Works - http://www.spiderhillpropworks.com/s...tegory&path=35 to build up the design and try different poses. They worked great for this and would actually be great for the final prop if it was static.

Exercise equipment Plant

However, since I wanted a 3 axis talking skull and pneumatically controlled arms, I needed a stronger framework so it was on to the metal work.
After lots of cutting, fitting, welding and grinding he started to take shape.

Product Blue-collar worker Denim Wood Fence

Table Furniture Room Chair Floor

My original idea was to take the Lindburg skull that I had mounted a Triaxial 3 axis skull kit in - http://triaxialskulllabs.com/webstore/ and just add a skin to which I would then paint up. Not the best solution as it didn't really look like I wanted but it would do. My good friend Bobzilla happened to stop by the house and saw what I was working on and asked if he could help with the skull. I was ecstatic to have his great talents applied to the project and quickly handed the skull over to him. Here's the skull after the first bit of work by Bob with a lot of work left to bring him to life.

Face Head Skull Forehead Jaw

I'll be updating the thread as the build progresses.

Here's the combined build video

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Halstaff- you are definitely the jack of all trades!
" I am trying to learn to weld"- indeed! I think you you got it down alright!

Looks fantastic!
Looking forward to this.....rumour has it you have a great controller to control it too.
Wow this is kind of awesome. Looking forward to seeing the rest. Those welding pictures are bad *** by the way.
A very ambitious build and a great concept for something different. Looks great so far. I am looking forward to seeing your progress. :)

I am glad the joints were able to help you with your mock up.

Looking forward to this.....rumour has it you have a great controller to control it too.
I'll actually be using 3 boards to control him. My "Kitchen Sink" controller will be the master and it will use the Scary Terry jaw controller that tstraub designed and my "EZ 4" which will be running the random head movement for the 3 axis skull.
One trick that I found from haunters hangout was to give the shoulders some more movement see here http://www.hauntershangout.com/home/reaperstone.asp . This method really allows for a wide range of positions. I thought it could give you some ideas on how to make a steel structure do the same.
Looks great Halstaff, looking forward to the progression of work
I definitely want to see this when it's done. Amazing work so far.
You are inspiring. He's gonna be a great character and looking forward to the updates.

That's it - MUST learn to weld!
Its looking good Steve. The steel Frame turned out very professional looking. That is going to be a sweet prop.

He's coming along with some of the muscles and brains being added. I tested the pneumatics and am very pleased with the arm motion.


The head is also making progress and more like a face and less like a skull.

Jaw Head Skull Bone Mouth
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Man this is impressive! Can't wait to see it complete!
Very nice, your work is amazing and I commend you on buying a welder and putting it to use. Not so hard is it ;)
Wow! Looking good. Thanks for the update. He's coming along nicely.
Wow.....that prop is on a whole other level. Great work!
definitely going to follow this!

this is going to b killer when done!

SWEET! Hope to see it in person!!!
You're welcome to come by and see it or wait for Halloween and see the whole haunt. We'd love to have you.

The full electronics package has been hooked up and tested, the body is starting to get built out and body parts are being added. You can also see that the head is really coming along.

Machine Technology Robot

Here's a close up of the head -

Head Jaw Skeleton Animation Art

I have all the electronics working and he'll be reciting a new audio track that Dead Things will be recording.
Now that the body is being filled out, my wife is starting to sew the costume. We've already had to get a bit creative figuring out how to get skinny pants on a wide stanced welded frame.
Always new challenges!
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