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My Method-anti vandalism

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Recently some high school boys came through the house. they were all calling the one boy by his first name almost non-stop.
The next morning as I am walking right next to the house I see someone had scratched the same name i was hearing that night into the cement sidewalk.
i might have found the tool they used,a very old square nail was laying close by and it had the old cement dust on it.
This is the same group that"accidentally " broke a large plastic car model I was using as a display of a car going over a cliff,above the stairs. You would have to be a tall person intentionally trying to slap or grab that model to ever even touch it.
Now I wonder how much of an"accident" it ever really was after finding the "Tag" of the name on my sidewalk.
As I went about my day,walking back and forth passed the front of my house, I could not stop looking at the name in the cement!
I came up with a solution.
I took a steel yardstick and extended some of the straight lines in the signature. Then I added new lines parallel to those lines, then more lines parallel to one another. This grid pattern not only distracts but hides the name... and gives my eyes and my mind something else to see and think about,removing most of my "Mad".
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Going bump in the night..
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Perhaps a new prop should be devoted to this charming individual.
Something for folks to laugh at, something ridiculous, something that could "inadvertently" make fun of that not-so-well mannered guest.
...which he could see if he were to ever visit again.

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We think alike , "Joe".........right now I am in a double "Track Meet". There is the "Season" fast approaching.. plus my wife Jessica and I are replacing the roof on the lower part of the house!
It is "Lower" but steeper with a few "Things" to work around. There is no way to do such a job and not feel the physical abuse from it every day.
I told her yesterday, if I don't survive this task to just leave my body upon the roof , in a few days the Birds,Buzzards and Ravens will have taken care of what I had left behind.
The Pterodactyl skeleton I made that has always been an outdoor display, has attracted some large birds, circling , checking it out, from "day-one".
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