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My Madame Leota and Skeleton Quartet

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I'm still working on a vid of my entire haunt, but here's a couple of featurettes.

First is my Madame Leota:
YouTube - Madame Leota 2008

...And my Skeleton Quartet, The Crypt Kickers
(There's 3 songs here. It starts with Spooky Scary Skeletons, Grim Grinning Ghosts starts at 2 min, and The Monster Mash is around 3:55, in case you want to skip around):
YouTube - Halloween 2008: The Crypt Kickers
Two are 3-axis skulls (thanks HalloweenBob!), two with jaws only.
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Nice work

Dude, killer job on the madam leota! Did you rear project it like the original? I have the pattent bluprints for the original, Ill try to find them and post them for you.

Excelent work,

Bill Ehrsam.

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Mr. Chicken - Thank you for the explanation. So the video is projected onto the back of the spirit ball? It's not obvious to me how that works. It seems as if the head would block the image from the projector.

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No.. That's how I wanted to do it, but I ran out of time. I used a front projection method.

If you wanted to use rear projection, you would use a vaccum formed FRONT of the face, so the projector would go behind it and project onto the INSIDE of that "mask." Because the pastic of the mask is only semi opaque, you can see the image when looking at the other side (the front).

Does that make sense at all?
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