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Hello everyone! My name is Bailey. I hail from the great state of West Virginia. I have always loved Halloween and everything that goes with it. I worked at a costume shop during high school and was able to dress up as Michael Myers then stand outside the store scaring everyone who walked by. I feel like that is where my love of haunting and scaring started. Then I was able to dress as Michael again and take part in a haunted house at my high school. Ever since graduating though, I've lived in an apartment so all I can really decorating is a small space outside and the inside. It satisfied me for a couple years, but now I'm getting the itch to go bigger and scarier. The more haunted houses I go through, the more I want to be a part of one. I'm hoping to spend this next year learning the trade then next Halloween put together my own haunt. I hope to learn a bunch while here and I can't wait to share some of my projects!
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Welcome to the boards friend. See your from WV, I qas born in Morgantown and family from grafton
I'm from the southern part. I lived in between Huntington and Charleston, then moved up towards Huntington.
Welcome aboard. Being in a Haunted house is a ton of fun, with one down side. Now when I go through Haunted houses, nothing scares me. I spend the whole time examining how they are doing things, what their props are, and thinking about how I could improve it.
Hey everybody, Tim here from Wisconsin. I was doing a search to get some exterior decorating ideas and I came across this board a few hours ago. Needless to say I was very excited to find a place to talk to people who share the same love for halloween as I do. Today (10/1) officially kicks the halloween season (at least for me it does), as I always put out my decorations the first weekend in October. Each year we seem to accumulate more and more stuff to put out, and each year I try to out-do myself by making it bigger and scarier. It's gotten to the point where last year my five-year-old daughter's friends became too afraid to come over and play. So there are some things I don't put out until halloween night, just so my daughter can have a social life. I live in the suburbs of Milwaukee (Wauwatosa) and I don't have much a front yard to work with, but I make the best of it. This year I built a cage out of scrap wood, painted it all black and I'm going to hang it from my tree with a scary bloody pig creature inside of it. Last year I had a made this grim reaper looking thing out of black cloth, a plastic skeleton head and PVC pipe, and this year I've added arms to it. I'll bungee cord it to my tree that overhangs the sidewalk...so people sort of have to walk under it as they walk by my house. Looking forward to hearing everyone else's ideas and plans for the holidays (halloween that is) as well as seeing some pics.

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