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My indoor props

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This might be a silly question, but I will ask anyway. We have the 6 ft. Freddy, Jason and a grim reaper. We want to put them outside with all our other decorations but worry the weather will ruin them, is there anyway to be able to do this?
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You could always mount each one in a framed stand, like outhouse size with a roof to protect them. This would also allow you to light each one independently - for example, you could light them up in sequence so you don't actually see them all at once. Do you have an actual theme? If your doing a scene like Camp Crystal, then you could make each stand look like a camp hut. The grim reaper's hut could look more like a mausoleum. But if these guys are animatronic, then it's a bit of a gamble they're not usually of the quality that can take moisture, even indirect moisture.

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