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My huge haul!

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So I went a little crazy this year but the deals were to good to pass up! 4 spirit skellies 4 walgreens skellies and 4 target half skellies. 7 skulls from walgreens 4 skulls from Walmart 2 skulls from rite aide and a ton of other stuff! To much to list. I have to give it up for my wife! She was a trooper! She was in deep! Shes a tough lil women 5'5 120. She sure can hold her own. Ppl were shoving and pushing she just pushed right back!


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im jealous of everyone who lives close enough to a store that they're able to hit the clearance post halloween. by the time i get near a store after any holiday, everything is pretty much gone, except small cheap crappy items no one really wants anyways.
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