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My hearse prjoect 2009

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So we decided to take a crack at making a oldtime hearse...Thought i post here and get some opinions....Not finished yet, ill keep pictures up dated...
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.75 cents each from rite aid while they were on sale, and i cut them in half, used L brackets and liquided nailed them to it
You're really putting some effort into that . Looking forward to the after pics. Great job.
Looks awesome can't wait to see it finished.
Added lanterns to front today, and picked up fabric for curtains...Wife should start that when she gets home today...

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Very nice....will you add it as a tutorial?
awesome job!
looking forward to seeing the finished product!
Happy Haunting,
Hey give a little credit to your carpenter friend ,there buddy.. If you want to see the horse thats going to pull it...... ha ha hah
The above mention carpenter not only built this, but a electric chair and a coffin for me in the past.....very talented!...:)
Very nice, can't wait to see it finished
Some more progress picks...Harbor frieght wheels are back ordered, but should be shipped monday...The driver is something we had laying around..we actually have a bucky incoming and a top hat and coattails for him...

and a pic of the entrance to my yard haunt...Ill actually open another post when i get this moving along better...But i have donated my props to a benefit haunted house, so i wont have them back till day before halloween...Ill post a nice halloween pics of the yard haunt

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Your coachworks looks great. I love the skulls. But I am a sucker for skulls.
This is on my list for next year. I am burnt out this year on props. Out of money too.
Just wondering if anyone has built a working carriage. Everyone seems to be using the wheels from Harbor Freight.
It seem like it would be pretty straight forward to build a working carriage if you could find real wagon wheels.
It was considered, but the cost of real wagon wheels is around 100$ each....atleast thats theprices i found...
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