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Here is my haunted two way mirror from last year.
YouTube - Haunted Mirror

And here is the new video to be played behind the mirror this year.
YouTube - Mirror Vampires

I am doing a lot of vampires this year so the mirror is full of them.
Also, this year I am going to dress up the room much more. I will use scene setter wallpaper on the walls, some furniture with cobwebs, and some flickering candles in from of the mirror.
There will be an actor dressed as a vampire that comes out from the opposite wall. Probably a bride of Dracula with fangs and blood all over her.

Let me know what you think !

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Here is a link to a tutorial that gave me the idea for my mirror.
Aidtopia Haunted Mirror
I used plexiglass covered in relfective glass film. You can get both at Lowes or Home Depot. I mounted that in an old antique frame. Anything that is illuminated from behind the film and plexiglass will show through.

I originally built a box for my BigScreamTV DVD.
It is almost identical to this posted by litemareb4xmas
I ran the BigScreamTV prop for several years and I finally decided to make something scarier.

I basically position a computer moniter a few inches behind the cutout on the top platform. The mirror is hung on the outside of the cutout. I use an old 17" computer painted flat black. you have to paint everything on the monitor included any power lights. Any lights will show through the mirror.

You also have to turn the contrast way down on the computer monitor or you will see an outline of the screen. It takes some tweaking to get the contrast just right so that you can see the images but not the outline of the screen.

I create the video using Cyberlink PowerDirector. I think there is a demo version available for download on their website. Some of the video clips are mine and some I got from Youtube. I strung all of the clips together with some black space in between each clip. Then, I just let it run in a loop.

Next year I am going to attempt to run the video clips by motion detection.

Also, for a few years, I ran the Yorick Skull puppet software from behind the mirror.
I had a person speaking through a microphone and PA and working the head and mouth from the keyboard.
You can purcahse the software here: ImaginEERIEing : Product Listing of Digital Puppets
This is a great interactive prop and I may bring this back to my haunted house next year at the entrance. Younger kids get a big kick out of this. It is just not scary enough for inside my haunted house.
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