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My Haunted Mansion Birthday

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My birthday is July 30th and this year my family really made it special! They gave me a Haunted Mansion themed birthday. We started the day making our version of Miss Kitty and her five birdies. Her is the original and then my version.I still need to go back and age them but they are getting there.
Next we went out to dinner with the family and back home for gifts. My daughter gave me the HM ghost host apron, a Madame Leota cameo and a pattern to make the costume I want for this Halloween.


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My father gave me these wall sconces and a gift card to buy globes for them. My husband got the doorbell a gorgeous garden hook.. and an organ for us to makeover to look like a HM style pipe organ. After cake we sat down together to watch The Haunted Mansion and brainstorm. It was such a good day and I now have so many projects to work on. I will post pictures as I get things worked on and also pictures of all of the goodies we bought at Momento Mori while at Disneyworld in May.


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That's so awesome! Happy late birthday! Can't wait to see how the organ turns out :D
You have a great family. Your miss kitty and friends are fantastic.
Wow! What a great family and a perfect birthday. I hope you'll add more pictures of your projects as you get them done. Oh and Happy Birthday!!

GiggleingGhost . . aka . . . GG
What a great birthday! I would love to have a Halloween themed birthday, as well. I wanted to this year, since it was my 30th, but just didn't have the time or energy to plan it. You have such a sweet and cool family to do that for you!
Thanks everyone my family is amazing! Last year I threw an Arsenic and Old Lace themed dinner party for my birthday. This year has been a bit of a bummer so I wasn't planning anything do I was really surprised. My daughter has decided to be the trapeze girl from the stretching portrait so we went today and found a pattern and the burgundy velvet to start the top.I will be making it in two pieces so it's easier to launder.
Wow your family sure loves you! My daughter wants Haunted Mansion as her party theme this year. I am so excited to start planning it!
Thank you for sharing your awesome Birthday pics & that organ is awesome! Can't wait to see more
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