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My Haunted Estate - 2014

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I never posted pics of my haunt this year, so better late than never!

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I envy the big flat front yard. Mine is not flat and not near big enough! You have some amazing big props!
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Thank you booswife and printer! It was a fun set-up this past year.

Countess - thank you! I love the owl, too. He was a HomeGoods find.

I definitely felt like I didn't devote the necessary time to the Egyptian scene though, it was kinda slapped together. I'm going to try mounting the murals on foam board and creating more of a full wall effect this year, or at least make it to where my garage door isn't showing through.
you did a great job I have to say the doll holding the candles I like and I don't like dolls lol
you have some great props
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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