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My haunt themes

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Hello everyone
I'm back here posting another thing this time about my haunt themes and where I am with them. Here are my themes, Mad Lab, Butler / mansion area, carnevil, witches, graveyard, harvest and hell / underworld. So here are my props for the lab dr shivers evil scientist and egor, and possibly this lying corpse that looks like a mummy (heres the thing I dont have a frankenstein lol) Butler mansion area edwardian butler butler wade fat butler sultan of scare (alot of butlers lol) carnevil 8' jester wacky mole clown silent and deadly misfortune teller polly the clown bloody bag of jokes santa clown big top. witches cauldron witch another cauldron witch and my prototype witch ( not many but should do fine ) graveyard: 2 bobble head reapers ghastly groom untimely death statue. then harvest magic power scarecrow limb ripper and hungry harry. Heres the thing I still have black countess freddy ghostface and pinhead, where should they go?
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What do u guys think
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