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Hey guys, I attached some pics from Halloween, forgive some of the pictures as they were taken from my cellphone and my neighbors. However I should have some better ones posted in the days to come. Let me know what you think I am always open to the great ideas and haunts you guys have.

I had meant to post up some threads on my projects, my grim reaper and Scarefx Witch re-creation, but as all you know as the week gets closer you run out of time. Hopefully my builds thread will follow in next couples of weeks. My wife and I were joking that this is our second year in the home, and our second year with the haunt since moving in. It is also the second year in a row it has rained by 7PM on Halloween. Everyone was joking that we cant have 3/3 years of rain, hopefully next year the weather will be perfect haha.
Halloween 2014.jpg

Halloween 2014 4.jpg

Halloween 2014 6.jpg

Halloween 2014 7.jpg

Halloween 2014 2.jpg

Halloween 2014 5.jpg

Halloween 2014 3.jpg
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