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my happy family

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Just got her today..she's awesome. Her face lights up and she stands a little over 6ft.

These guys are both new too. i thought they kinda looked like a bride and groom.

He's been with us for a year.

He's the one who scares everyone. He looks so real at night.

My little pirate guy. He was a surprise. I must have bought him on clearance and then forgot about him.

This is pirate guys brother. Another surprise I found.

Groundbreaker my daughter begged for me to get. He's really creepy looking.

The rest of the family is refusing to come out of their crypts. As soon as I can coax them out I'll post more pics. So far from being done decorating...waiting for Halloween to be just a tad closer.
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They are in better shape than mine. ;)
They are in better shape than mine. ;)
Most of them are new that's why. Give it time they'll look used and abused soon enough..lol I can't build props to save my life so I just buy them. I think I went a little overboard this year...lol but there were just so many to chose from and they all looked like they needed a good home. ;)
Hannibal nice stuff, I am in the same boat can't build a prop to save my life. Where did you get everything?
Hannibal nice stuff, I am in the same boat can't build a prop to save my life. Where did you get everything?
ok..the first prop I just got today from HSN of all places..lol
The white reaper was from QVC(got it last month) and it's a Spirit prop..I saw it in their catalog
The Black Reaper is from The Christmas Tree Store
The Pirate Reaper is from Spirit (bought it in store) last year
The White freaky looking Reaper (He's my favorite) was from Spirit last year and they still have him this year. If you get any one reaper get him. He looks amazing day or night, better with a strobe.
Those 2 little reapers were clearance last year at Spirit(they have a good chunk of my money) and last but not least..the zombie is a groundbreaker that I got from...surprise...surprise..Spirit(this past Wednesday).

I do have more. I got the ghost last weekend and then 2 weekends ago I got the creepy crawly guy(he was new this year) to go with my creepy crawly girl(I got her last year and Spirit still has some left in store by me). I have the fake flaming lanterns,gargoyles from christmas tree store and I have 2 broken witches from spirit. I ordered the first one and she arrived broken, tried to get a new one but she was sold out. So they sent me a different replacement at like half or 3/4 off which didn't work either. I bought a red floodlight and they look fine under that. I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but I'll post pics as we go.
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I love that ground breaker.you have some nice new editions to the family.
Great family looking forward to seeing more of your pics.
What a lovely family!! Love the newest one he is really creepy without any lights on him.
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