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SO last year i came up with a costume in 3 days using stuff i had in the closet. a white dress, a coat hanger, an old pair of socks and a bag of cotton balls became the feeble attempt at bunny ears. This year i don't want to have the half assed last minute costume. My boyfriend and i hosted the halloween party last year for our friends and are so far planning to do it this year as well. And i have decided what costume i would like to do. It's a cosplay costume which will fit in well with out group of friends anyway. not to say that we are nerds.... but most of us are nerds. gamers being the proper term. I'm going to do Ashlotte from soul calibur. I'm not too keen on the sewing and not too sure about the execution of some of the parts so if anyone can help that would be great. I included a few links to concept art of the character.

Any ideas would be great.

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Why don't you contact someone that has already made this costume?

Google Image Result for http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l209/silent-dreaming/Cosplay/Soul%20Calibur%20-%20Ashlotte/DSCF0015.jpg

Google Image Result for http://www.cosplay.com/i/members/200/3813.jpg

research some replies to asking how to make this costume revealed: from this site:

Google Image Result for http://www.cosplay.com/customavatars/avatar54261_38.gif

Find yourself an underbust corset pattern, lengthen all the panels so that they become like the black portion.
Find a pattern with a princess sleeve, there are a bunch out there, simplicity has some in their costuming section that would also provide a pattern for the skirt.

Use foam for her armor pieces. If you go to a craft section the foam visors are perfect for her shoulder armor, just put two together.
For her arms use gold long gloves and paint the gear detailing.

Geesh Lousie: this looks like quite a costume undertaking especially for someone not too Keen on sewing. But I am sure that you will be able to fit
together something that resembles this.
Sorry I wasn't more help than providing links that you probably already have looked at. :)
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