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For the hoopskirt, I would recommend aluminum tubing for weight savings, but copper tubing may be more practical since it comes in longer lengths. Just use a spring bender to prevent kinking it. You can then paint it.

For attaching the hoopskirt to the skirt, look at using a handle loop from Ohio travel bag/hardware elf. Just make certain they are large enough to accept the pipe, or select pipe to fit the loops you choose.
They also have a variety of catches that can be used for attaching the hoopskirt to the bodice.

Parts catalog; handles, locks, wheels, zippers, buckles, rings, tools, fasteners and other hardware.
HardwareElf.Com hard to find hardware for crafters and do it yourselfers

The points at the end look like finials. If you cannot find anything locally, look through the King architectural metals catalog. They probably have it. You can then bond them to the vertical components of the hoopskirt with J-B Weld or a set screw from the back or both.

King Architectural Metals wrought iron metal balusters finials casting steel ornamental forged gate fence stairs Access control

Are the vertical components of the hoopskirt supposed to be able to swing out? If so, with the loops attaching them to the bodice just under the catches they would need to be made from a braided metal line rather than pipe. To prevent serious injury it may be best to just make them from pipe though, or peacebond them to the hoops but there is still enough room to do some serious damage to someone's shins. You may also want to bind the vertical components to all the hoops to prevent the paint from wearing off. You could do that with metal screws from the back or a thin wire lashing.

For the gears, you could probably get away with Lego Technic. Michaels now carries smaller decorative gears in their scrapbooking section which may work as well, but will be smaller than hers. If you can find it, the Battat science & discovery clockmaker kit has some that are close, but will need to be painted brass. K'nex also has/had some gears that may work.
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