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My Halloween Organ/Skeleton Quartet

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Here is a link to my quartet build http://youtu.be/r4GqZNzh_VY

I need to hide some cables, and do a little cleanup on the sequencing, but it's at a point when it's time to take it to the office waiting room for my patients to enjoy. We don't get ay trick or treaters out in the country, so I'm taking the whole show, with my endless mineshaft
http://youtu.be/Hff2NxeY1go to my son's house after work on Friday for his neighborhood to enjoy. I'd like to thank my wife, for putting up with my many hours of hiding in my basement laboratory working on this project. I didn't get the arduino going to move the hands up and down the keyboard, but am hoping to do it for next year. Also, the skull for the organ player was 3 axis, but it had a major meltdown failure, and became crooked eye motion and jaw motion only. Next year, there is always next year.

Time to enjoy for a couple days, then on to Christmas!
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I love how the little one is swinging her legs.

And that endless mineshaft! WOW!!!
Thanks everyone! It was a hit at the office today. Our whole doctor's office dresses up, and the patients ask for Halloween appts. weeks/months in advance. Lots of fun!
Really cool. I especially love the girl skeleton's legs kicking. That's really awesome.
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