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My HALLOWEEN Music Video

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Hi Folks!

I just wanted to post a link to the final cut of my new Halloween Music Video:

The song is a very neat and catchy party tune, located in the latin freestyle and pop genre.

It was a very hard work to get this done and I want to thank all the people who were involved.
You may read the description under the clip on youtube for further information.

I am not a professional musician by now, but I am trying very hard to become one.
There's so much love and energy, which I always invest into my music and videoclips.
This Music Video is the most expensive and time-consuming project I've ever made.

I would truly appreciate your kind support. If you like this clip, you may share it with your friends on social networks.
This would help me a lot to step forward and hopefully get noticed by some good record labels.

Thanks for reading this and your time.


Marco Buono
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