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if I hda to go with either, it would be the first one, the reason why I dont like #2 is the band across the butt, also it doesnt follow through to front.

Considering I have ordered zentai suits before (from ebay) I know they can have lots of trouble with ordering. I personally woulndt go to a standalone site to order (especially if taking direct CC and not paypal), also, they are notorious for either not working to solve a problem or still sending wrong item or wanting more money for exchanges for their mistake.

That said, I would order from ebay because;
1.privacy for cc info from payment
2.you have a means to get them to comply or risk negative feedback.

The zentai sellers are basically a handful of shops with tons of separate selling IDs.

Also I found 2 auctions that have better suits in my opinion than the ones your interested in, they look more authentic.
I prefer the darker blue one - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Halloween-Full-Body-Lycra-Spandex-Spiderman-Zentai-Suit-Fancy-Cosplay-Costumes-/160855468925?pt=US_Costumes&var=&hash=item2573bbab7d

or this
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